Mosaic Confederacy

Mosaic Confederacy is a RPG Role playing Game fourm, Fantasy, Mystery and the Undead all wrapped up into one.
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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:39 pm

This is a "PG" site Please fallow by the "PG" rule.

Please no attacking other or puting them down. We call this a Santuary of sorts if you will.

Sware's are allowed but please be carefull in there usage! Remember we are all friends here!

If you have any issues, character or non character related please address them privately in Private Message. To The Admin.

Please keep all your image posting down to a minimum and in their designated areas. Using either a Thumbnail or a link
Please refrain from the use of slides, or youtube videos.

Banners/ Avitars:

Banners and Avatars
Maximum Dimensions

Banners 450x180 kbs under 90KBS

No Animated Banners Please!!
Avis 150x200 kbs under 30kbs
please no big beasties we really dont need this to be slow.
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